How to Run a Food Drive

Running a UA4Food drive at The University of Arizona can be simple, fun and rewarding.

Below are the basics:

  1. Select dates and locations for your drive. Food drives can run as little as two hours or more than two months. The average drive is usually about 2-3 weeks.
  2. Set a goal. This is a good way to motivate your group, and can provide a sense of accomplishment at the end of the drive.
  3. Submit an Event Information Form to the UA4Food Office. Your event, and its results, will then be listed on the UA4Food website and included in other press materials when possible. 
  4. Contact Brittany Taft at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona at 449-8336 if you need boxes, speakers or other materials.
  5. Promote your food drive to prospective participants with posters, emails, newsletter announcements, handouts, etc. (See downloadable materials below.)
  6. Start collecting food and monetary donations
  7. Contact Brittany Taft at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona for pickups when your drive is complete. Phone: 449-8336 or Please provide advance notice. If you have a small amount of food you might consider delivering it to the food bank to help minimize the use of their resources.
  8. Thank your group members for participating and share your results!

 UA4Food Downloadable Food Drive Materials

2016 UA4Food Ambassador Form

2016 UA4Food Ambassador Information

UA4Food Poster PDF

Most Needed Foods PDF